Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Regional NCTM Conference in Atlantic City is less than a week away

The theme for this year's NCTM conferences is Technology & Mathematics: Get Connected! If you are speaking at the conference your session description is now listed on NCTM's conference website and in the PDF version of the final program book. If you are like me someone who likes to update their description and add relevant links before the conference to better inform and connect with conference attendees – you’re aware that it can't be done on the NCTM listing. For that reason CLIME (the Council for Technology in Math Education) an affiliate of NCTM puts together a website where you can! Go to the site technology-themed sessions and review your listing there. Then let me know by email if you want to change anything, share more info or add some reference links. I will make the changes for you immediately.

With the increased use of laptops and hand-held devices (i.e. smartphones) at NCTM conferences more attendees will be able to get the latest information before and during the conference to help them make better informed decisions as to which sessions to attend. I hope to see you at the conference.
Thanks - Ihor

Ihor Charischak
Council for Technology in Math Education - CLIME
NCTM affiliate group since 1988

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